Compact Green Office Software

Help to make your organization It is a software that can show your organization's greenhouse gas emissions. What is the most common reason that greenhouse gas emissions come from? Solve those causes quickly and accurately.

Compact Green Office Software

Green Offices is a voluntary program which aims to increase the sustainability of workspaces at Williams. Learn how to make your office more sustainable and tell us what sustainable practices you’re already engaging in by completing the Green Offices checklist.

Benefits From Service

Plaques and certificates

Plaque and certificate showing the certification of the Green Office from the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion With a 3-year certification period

Good corporate image

Have a good image in participating in the conservation and conservation of natural resources and the environment.

Reduce costs from the use of resources

It can reduce costs through efficient and cost-effective use of resources and energy.

Upgrade office

Enhance the office level to meet the standard of service that is environmentally friendly.





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